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We are an independent organization focused on helping websites improve through our distinctive trust mark and unique ratings.

A Silver Digital Certification Rating is assigned to websites that provide an adequate digital experience.

A Gold Digital Certification Rating is assigned to websites that provide an optimal digital experience.

A Diamond Digital Certification Rating is assigned to websites with best-in-class digital experiences.

A Better Internet for Everyone

Our mission is to help businesses transform their websites, ensuring they are error-free and optimal.

We perform comprehensive website reviews following a proprietary framework. A Digital Certification Rating is assigned to every website reviewed, depending on the number and severity of issues identified.

The independence of our rating helps businesses showcase their digital achievements and confirms to their website visitors that they are committed to providing an optimal digital experience.

Focus Areas


Websites should adhere to a minimum set of standards. These standards should be used as guiding principles to drive consistency online. For example, websites should be mobile compatible, fast-loading, secure... We aim to create a better digital world for everyone to enjoy.


Over 3 billion people use the Internet regularly to communicate, learn and shop. Privacy is a basic human right and everyone shares the responsibility to safeguard it. We passionately advocate for every website to become SSL By Default.


We live in times of rapid and disruptive innovation. We steer this global digital transformation by helping businesses invest in improvements that make a measurable difference. We believe in communicating in business language, instead of focusing on technical terms.

Only by working together we can improve the Internet so it can become more secure, reliable and transparent.

Global Initiatives To Improve the Digital World

SSL By Default

SSL By Default is an initiative that focuses on helping businesses understand the benefits of allowing their visitors experience an encrypted digital experience.

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Digital 2020

Digital 2020 is an annual roadmap with key milestones. The primary objective of this roadmap is to assist businesses prioritize their website changes and investments.

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